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Sidewalk cleaning

Sidewalk Cleaning Protects Your Walkway

And Removes Slip Hazards

Aero Power Clean brings its elite sidewalk cleaning services to the residents of Rockford. We know the value of clean and safe hardscapes, and we want to make sure that yours are in the best condition possible! Our reliable exterior cleaning will have your sidewalks looking new and will also:

  • Disinfect mold and mildew. Mold and mildew affect nearly all outdoor surfaces, and sidewalks are no exception. If mold and mildew go untreated, then they begin to deteriorate concrete sidewalks until the damage becomes too serious to ignore. Don't let your sidewalks get to this point! Aero Power Clean's sidewalk cleaning sanitizes these surfaces, kills mold and mildew completely, and prevents the spread of their spores.
  • Destroy algae growth. Algae can make any sidewalk a dangerous and slippery surface because it retains water. If your sidewalk develops buildups of algae, then it's likely unsafe for you and other people to be walking on it. Falls on these hardscapes can be extremely painful and could result in serious injury. At Aero Power Clean, we know the risks of algae-ridden walkways, and we aim to tackle his problem for you head-on. Our sidewalk and concrete cleaning will kill algae and keep it from causing injury to you and your family.
  • Prevent cracking and disintegration. Weeds, freezing temperatures, and decomposing elements can lead to cracking and early degeneration of your sidewalks. This can throw your home's aesthetic and make a home appear rundown and years older. At Aero Power Clean, we can treat your sidewalk and rid it of weeds and biological elements. Our sidewalk cleaning is the best way to protect your sidewalks and ensure they last.
  • Return your sidewalk's vibrant hue. Stains and grime buildup can make your sidewalks appear spotty and unattractive. Professional sidewalk cleaning removes spots and blemishes from your walkways and restores its color and pristine appearance.
  • Enhance curb appeal. A clean sidewalk enhances your home's beauty and makes it look more appealing to buyers. When selling your home, these details go a long way to boosting curb appeal and attracting serious attention.

If your Rockford home needs a healthy dose of professional sidewalk cleaning, then Aero Power Clean wants to hear from you!


If you are looking for professional sidewalk cleaning in the Rockford area, please call 815-516-8902 or complete our online request form.